Undercover - baker street - Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty Songfacts

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While some of the most relevant tastemakers took to the runways of Paris to present their 2018 spring/summer offerings, what transpired out on the streets in between shows just so happened to generate as much buzz, if not more so, as eclectic streetwear once again hit it big. With camera in hand, we too took to the French capital where Virgil Abloh , A$AP Bari and Jerry Lorenzo  – alongside a sizeable showing of other such sartorial virtuoso — were snapped donning some of the game’s hottest pieces. Showcasing wave after wave of eclectic styling sensibilities, items from such brands as Off-White™ , Vetements , adidas , A-COLD-WALL* and  ALYX  all made appearances throughout this latest edition of Streetsnaps.

In the pilot episode of the series, Mycroft has Dr. John Watson brought to him for questioning when he begins investigating crimes with Sherlock and offers him money to help ease his way for information on his brother's activities out of concern for his well-being, which John refuses believing Mycroft a possible criminal. During the meeting, Mycroft, neglecting to mention hes Sherlock's older brother, told John that Sherlock may even consider him his arch-enemy. Sherlock neither confirms nor denies this statement, and introduces them properly at the end of the episode, at which point Mycroft ordered the surveillance of Sherlock be increased to observe how Sherlock and John's partnership will progress and keep them safe. (" A Study in Pink ") Mycroft came to Sherlock to ask him to investigate the death of Andrew West and the disappearance of the Bruce-Partington missile project plans, supplying John with further information on West when Sherlock sent him to Mycroft's office. Throughout the episode, Mycroft eventually grew impatient with them, having texted them continuously, but Sherlock eventually solved the murder of West and recovered the memory stick with the plans that West was responsible for, which was afterwards ruined by consulting criminal Jim Moriarty at the end of the episode. Mycroft, however, had stated previously that it was not the only copy of the plans. (" The Great Game ")

Undercover - Baker StreetUndercover - Baker StreetUndercover - Baker StreetUndercover - Baker Street